What we do:

As a private corporate group, Bahar Riokan co. is active in the following fields:

  • Investment
  • Asset Management
  • High-Technology Products
  • Construction
  • Trading
  • Water industry
  • Auto industry

We are delighted that our businesses are expanded all over the country as well as being expanded to the neighbouring countries.

Our vision:

Our ambition is to be among the most distinguished business groups in the region by realizing potential business opportunities in the regional markets, and seizing the outstanding ones that have the most value for costumers.


  • Integrity:

Maintaining strong moral commitments in all aspects of our business, and collaborating with our partners with honesty and trust. Proud of having excellent and robust relationships with the suppliers, customers and other parties.

Community- Orientation:

Community-orientation is among our core values, which are incorporated in our business ventures with emphasis on green economy as being our primary responsibility.

  • Excellence:

Our philosophy is in continuous quality improvement with our goal being the delivery of highest quality products and services to our clients.

  • Innovation:

Our aim is to utilize the cutting edge technologies in our business ventures, since such technologies are instrumental in fulfilling costumers’ needs.