Bahar Riokan Co.  Is a private holding company that manages business divisions to the investment, asset management, equipment supply and engineering services.

Our Vision

Developing the business of the company in order to develop the growth of macroeconomic indicators of the country with a successful presence in national and regional markets

Subsidiary companies:

  • Hamoon Pipeline Development Co. (HAPICO)
  • Taak Development Technology Co. (TDTC)

Project implementation management and Consulting

Our successful achievements in large-scale projects in the field of Water and sewerage transmission, purification and building relies on subsidiaries.  We are able to handle contracts as: MC, EPC, EPCF, TURNKEY, BOT, etc…

New Technology Development

We are able to design and provide required hardware and software in the field of communication, digital media, digital health, and banking,….

1.    Trading:

As one of the most established equipment supply and sales organizations, the company has over the years developed extensive expertise in a variety of specialized fields.

These include a comprehensive range goods as following categories:

  • All kind of Pipes (Ductile Iron, Steel and polyethylene) and related Fittings and Valves for water, wastewater, oil and gas applications
  • Steel products such as steel bars, sheets, slab and etc.
  • Mineral material&Structural and decorative stone (onyx, travertine and marble) as tile, slab or block
  • Building materials (Cement, Bitumen sheets, …)