Pathway to a better tomorrow

Today, we live in a world that is fast growing and interconnected more than ever before. In this environment, climate change and pollution, and the advancement of digital technologies have created several challenges for societies. I hereby, as the CEO of Riokan co., feel very privileged to declare that we are fully engaged in activities that fulfill pertinent societal needs. We feel proud to build more clean, advanced and sustainable societies by being engaged in cutting edge activities which are shaping the future.

In 2018, we initiated several new businesses, while expanding our current ones. In 2019, we aim to go beyond Iran’s borders and enter our neighboring countries’ markets.

I will close with sincere gratitude. Many thanks to our clients, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders. Their trust and genuine cooperation is magnificent, and together, we try to  build a remarkable and brighter future.


Hasan Soroush